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Youth Fo A Greener Environment

 Young People Can Save The Planet

Thrive Haiti is a Youth Movement for the Environment

Our mission is to harness Haiti’s youth towards the restoration and protection of Haiti’s natural ecosystem. 

Our work focuses on stopping the degradation of Haiti’s depleted forests, coastlines, endemic wildlife by organizing targeted tree planting campaigns throughout the island nation.

Our strategy is predicated on stewardship, which simply means  that we’re involved in every aspect of forest-building from securing land access to seedling management, to community outreach and to actual tree planting.

Our Current Projects


Here's how we're partnering with local communities to affect environmental changes


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Why Trees?

Trees are indispensable for our survival. They provide about 2 billions jobs, filter the air that we breath, capture rainwater and helps against pollution.

The Environment can be Haiti's way out of poverty

Haiti is known as the poorest country in the Americas. Among other things, Haiti’s poverty is the direct result of decades of exploitation of the environment. 

With trees, the country can reclaim acres of forest areas to revert soil degradation and positively impact the livelihood and health of local communities.

Trees will stop soil erosion,  protect biodiversity, create jobs and make local communities become more resilient towards climate change.

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Play Earth Trivia And Plant A Tree

Earth Trivia is a live game about the health of our planet.

Download the App and save the planet one tree at a time.

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Thrive Haiti

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