The assault on the environment has transformed the planet forever. Every day we hear about melting glaciers in the Arctic, rising sea level, global warming, plastic waste pollution, dangerous co2 fogs and many more alarming news.

It’s clear that human activity has accelerated the degradation of the environment to a point we cannot ignore; and the threat that this poses to future generations cannot be overstated.

Whether it’s apparent to you or not, the impact of global warming and man-made pollution will be felt by everyone. From the ice-cold regions of Alaska to the African Serengeti, to the tropical forests of the Amazon, the risk for an environmental apocalypse is ever present.

Rising sea level for example threatens the lives millions of people living in the coastal regions of the planet. The Caribbean region which consists of a string of islands in the Atlantic will be particularly affected.

Due to lack of information and resources, poorer communities who, in those regions; rely on the land and the sea for their livelihood could see their lives turned upside down

This is nowhere more apparent than on the island of Haiti. Inhabiting half of the island with the Dominican Republic, Haiti is maybe the most vulnerable country when it comes to environmental issues.

Widespread deforestation, poor waste management, vulnerability to hurricanes and earthquakes create a trifecta that spells doom for the island nation.

This is the situation that compelled us to act. We want Thrive Haiti to become a catalyst that will mobilize Haiti’s youth towards a green revolution. For this we need to be on the ground with the local population planting, teaching, recycling, bringing awareness and why not averting an ecological doom.

In the battle to restore the planet, Haiti is a front that we cannot ignore. Reversing decades-long trend of environmental destruction is essential to Haiti’s development, social and economic stability and, ultimately, security.

Winning over there will signal a shift in our capacity to regenerate and preserve in harmony; the lives of all living creatures on the planet.